Cafe Jaxx - Catering News Update - October 2021

Catering News – October 2021


Catering Survey

We would like to start with a big ‘thankyou’ to all those members who took the time to complete the members’ survey. By the deadline for inclusion in the prize draw (7th October), we had received 45 responses.

Congratulations to Betty Clark whose name was drawn out as the winner of the £10 credit voucher to be spent in Café Jaxx. Congratulations also to Bob Shaw who will be able to take his suggestion with up to three guests free of charge. Bob suggested we add Fish Pie to the menu, which we had not already planned, but will be including in the near future. Others were included in the draw for suggesting the same and those who suggested Lasagne, Sausage and Mash, and Cottage/Shepherd’s Pie were also included in the draw as these, too, will be featuring soon.

As a result of the feedback, Paul has been investigating ways to be able to provide a ‘Fish Friday’ in the region of the prices that respondents said they are willing to pay. We knew this was going to be difficult because the cost of fish means there will need to be a compromise either on the price or the quality. Investigations with suppliers continue but we hope to have this on the menu before the end of November. We are also planning to provide pre-booked Christmas lunches and pre-booked Sunday lunches, more of that below.

What’s Possible and What’s Not Possible

There were many comments from the surveys and it would take too long to answer them all individually but the following will hopefully cover most of them.

  • Themed Menu Days. The current ‘Stew Monday’, Curry Tuesday’ etc. was just to get us started. Some members who do not visit on these set days would like to experience those offers. We intend to shake this up in three ways. Firstly, when we introduce the new menu cycle, we will be mixing up the days when themes are offered so if a pie is on Tuesday one week, it will not be on Tuesday the following week. Secondly, if there are portions left over from one day, if we can safely reheat them, they will be available later that day and the following day, and these will appear on the chalkboards. Finally, where we can safely freeze and reheat dishes, we will be making these available to book a day in advance so we can safely thaw them; we will be advertising the availability of these separately as ‘In Case You Missed It’.
  • Kitchen Constraints. Paul has taken responsibility for the Café Jaxx Dish of the Day and intends to maintain a standard that food is cooked from scratch using the best possible ingredients. The kitchen is adequate for the majority of foods but, to take Sweet and Sour dishes as an example (suggested by several people), if it is not possible to do the dish justice, we would rather not provide a poor attempt. We are not equipped like a Chinese restaurant kitchen so to try to replicate such a dish is not currently an option during a busy lunch service.
  • Meal Pricing. Most people seem content with the price range of the food we currently offer but have made suggestions for the menu that would be far more expensive to produce and, therefore, we would have to price them above what is deemed an acceptable price. There has been a lot said in the news recently about inflation in general, but food inflation is predicted to reach 14-18% within the next month. You only have to go into a supermarket to see this is happening – even Farm Foods have put up their tinned tomatoes by 18% in the last month. Generally speaking, we can keep prices lower on food that is prepared in house but our suppliers are warning that we can expect increased costs soon. We will endeavour to keep prices as low as possible by switching suppliers to chase the best value for money but it is a simple economic fact that we may be forced to increase prices for meals to remain viable. Our 5-item breakfast is considered to be exceptionally good value at £3.50 when compared with the newly opened Morrison’s Café whose set breakfast is £3.95, especially considering that they can buy in their food much more cheaply than we can.

Coming Soon

Dish of the Day. Starting from Monday 8th November, the Café Jaxx Dish of the Day will be extended to 5 days per week and we will be adding new dishes a little sooner than planned so keep your eye out for the changes.

Sunday Lunches. Starting as a one-off in November and then picking up in the New Year as a monthly offer, we will be introducing a regular Sunday Roast. To allow us to arrange delivery of the supplies, please sign up as early as possible because, once the meat has been ordered, we may not be able to add you to the list. Our first roast will be on Sunday 28th November. Subject to availability, there will be a soup and roll to start, roasted loin of pork accompanied by the usual suspects, finishing with a hot dessert. The 3-course menu will be provided for a fixed price and we are working with suppliers to be able to provide this at the lowest price possible. We will advertise the lunch and the price shortly and, to accommodate those with smaller appetites, a smaller version of the same meal will be offered for for a correspondingly lower price. Vegetarian options and allergies can be accommodated with sufficient notice.

Christmas Lunches. We hope there will be the same demand for Christmas Lunches this year as there has been in previous years. To this end, we will be suspending the Dish of the Day for the week commencing 13th December to be replaced with a pre-booked Christmas Lunch Monday to Friday. More details will be available shortly. The Dish of the Day will then resume on 20th December until the club closes for Christmas.

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