Willows Building & Maintenance Lincoln Open Singles 2021

We are delighted to announce that Willows Building & Maintenance have again agreed to sponsor the Lincoln Open Singles for 2021.

Kevan and Dean Stevenson are well known to Lincoln IBC members Willows (their Company) have been primarily responsible for bringing about our Cafe Jaxx alterations in double quick time ready for the Winter Season. Their assistance and expertise has been invaluable and we are again indebted to their generosity which will enable us to put on the event this year.

The Lincoln Open will be the first of the Open Singles Circuit events on this season's bowling calendar on Saturday 9th October 2021 and already we have 42 entries for the event via the EIBA.

We are looking for 18 further players to make a field of 64  with 8 Local ties to be scheduled on Friday 8th October at 8.30pm.

Those already entered include 2019 Runner up Billy Jackson who lost to Andy Ware of Ely on a tie break the last time the event took place.. A list of the players is below and should anyone wish to enter they can contact us at Lincoln via [email protected]

Entry fee is £22 - Deadline for entries is Friday 24th September andthe draw will take place on Saturday 25th September 2021

The Winner will take home a cash prize of £1000

Runner up will win £500

Two Losing Semi Finalists take home £250 each

Losing Quarter Finalists take away £100 Each

A Total Prize fund of £2400

All spectators are Welcome and Cafe Jaxx will be open all day so come and enjoy a nice coffee and a bite to eat whilst watching the action.


1. James Staples

2. Colin Stevenson

3. Paul Roberts

4. Stewart Douglas

5. Chris Rodgers

6. Aaron Bee

7. Paul Johnson

8. Les Gillett

9. Kevin Rands

10. Simon Reeson

11. Dean Harrison

12. Jamie Walker

13. Dale Hudson

14. Jordan Butcher

15. Gareth Heard

16. Martin Shepherd

17. Andy Lowe

18. Paul Oke

19. Kristian Crocker

20. Jeremy Russell

21. Gary Morris

22. Lewis Fiveash Parnell

23. Mark Eurich

24. Jacqueline Henderson

25. Max Mackay

26. Colin Cleary

27. Neil Parnell

28. Mike Lambert

29. Nathan Richardson

30. Dan Mills

31. Billy Jackson

32. Tom Smith

33. Danny Denison

34. Ben Bywater

35. Wayne Phoenix

36. Glenn Williams

37. Tony Barwell

38. Kembra Healy

39. Amar Nath

40. Kevin Moore

41. Bradley Prowle

42. Sam Ashton

43. David Thomas

44. Hayley Robinson

45. Andy McIntyre

46. Dennis Skayman

47. Steve Derby

48. George Draper

49. Jim Pullen

50. Jason Lewis

51. Scott Walton

52. Mark Royal

53. Paul Maynard

54. Paul Reynolds

55. Danny Brown

56. Richard Ashton

57. Greg Smith

58. Reserve 1

59. Reserve 2

60. Reserve 3

61. Reserve 4

62. Reserve 5

63. Reserve 6

64. Reserve 7


Reserves entries will be filled strictly in order received and players with a BYE will be notified if no reserves by Play dates

MARKERS - Will be provided by the Club on Friday Night and Sat am Session One. Losers will be expected to mark the following game on their rink up to Quarter Finals. This is a condition of entry.







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