Trial Change of League Structure for Winter 2021/22

Since my last update on the 2021 Winter Leagues several teams have pulled out of the programme due to lack of squad players.

Currently there are NO PLAYERS at all registered for the following teams:

  • S08 TIMBERMEN - Triples on a Sunday Morning
  • P11 FLIP FLOPS – Australian Pairs League 8.30pm Fridays
  • L05 HAKUNA MATATA – Late Evening Triples 8.30pm Thursdays
  • E41 CHANCERS – Early Evening League – Thursdays 6.30pm
  • E32 SHOT TAKERS – Early Evening League 6.30 Fridays

All of these teams were confirmed starters just 4 weeks ago when we contacted captains which just goes to show how quickly the picture can change.

Fixtures have been allocated for all of the teams above and the combined anticipated loss in rink revenue equates to £3992. That is revenue the club can ill afford to lose at the present time.

What do we propose to do about this?

Currently our three most popular leagues (Morning, Afternoon and Early Evening) are structured as Divisions and our League Rules decree that we restrict players to one team in each league. Each Division plays on a set day. There is scope therefore, to amend these league structures to allow someone who is a keen bowler and who’s work restricts them to say the 6.30 session only, to play several times a week in that session to compensate for the fact that they cannot play in the daytime. Conversely, some of our older bowlers may not wish to venture out on the dark Winter evenings but are restricted to just one morning and one afternoon of league bowling per week as things stand.


In an attempt to rescue some of these teams and ease the pressure on smaller squads the Management Committee have agreed to trial a different structure allowing more flexibility for players and teams alike.

In the Morning, Afternoon and Early Evening Leagues this season the Divisions will be treated as separate individual Leagues and individual League championships will be contested for:

  • Monday Morning League
  • Tuesday Morning League
  • Wednesday Morning League
  • Friday Morning League
  • Monday Afternoon League
  • Tuesday Afternoon League
  • Thursday Afternoon League
  • Friday Afternoon League
  • Tuesday Early Evening League
  • Wednesday Early Evening League
  • Thursday Early Evening League
  • Friday Early Evening League

Players will be able to play in as many of the individual Leagues as they wish but only for one team in each. So, in effect, there is nothing prevent a player from playing on all 4 days of the week at the same time.

We are now looking for players who wish to compete in the Thursday 6.30 League and Friday 6.30 League to fill the vacancies we currently have. It is also hoped that players will volunteer their services for a second team at a time and on a day that suits them and also help struggling Captains shore up their squads where numbers are currently thin on the ground.

We would like members to please consider if you can help form a squad to save the teams listed above. If you are interested in helping please get in touch with [email protected].


What will happen in the early weeks of the season if teams are due to play the above named teams?

The teams due to play the above teams will need to schedule a BYE week in their schedules until their participation is confirmed. Teams will receive 10 shots and 2 pts for lost matches against those teams and the fixtures will not be rearranged.

We will inform team captains individually once we have a squad together to save the teams and will reinstate their fixtures at a that point.

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