Catering Development at LIBC

Lincoln & District IBC would like to welcome and introduce to its members, Paul Dunwell. Paul will be leading the development of the catering offer to make the most of the physical changes that we have already made with the introduction of Cafe Jaxx.



Paul is a self-confessed ‘foodie’ who, with over 30 years’ service in the Royal Navy, has eaten in restaurants and street stalls around the world.

After leaving the Navy, Paul took a job at Nottingham High School, which is a prestigious independent day school, overseeing a catering team of 20 with 3 main kitchens and 3 satellite kitchens. Most recently he has been Estates and Facilities Manager with a school academy trust where he had responsibility for 5 schools with Harrogate to the north and Spalding to the south.


To get a feel for the current offer, Paul will be working in the kitchen supporting the team on a part-time basis and will draw on their experience to develop new ideas.


In addition to approaching club members through surveys etc., Paul is happy for you to approach him in the club to talk about the food offer and what you would like to see; however, you may find he is more receptive when he has his notebook rather than a frying pan in his hand!





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