CAFE JAXX - Catering Update

Our first week of daily Cafe Jaxx lunches has been well received. We are treading a fine line between providing the right number of dishes without creating wasted portions in order to keep prices as low as possible. On Monday and Tuesday, we achieved this with only one portion being wasted across all 4 menu choices. On Wednesday we were overwhelmed by demand for the pies and, if you were disappointed not to get one, I apologise and ask that you bear with us while we learn what our 'normal' is.
I want you to know that if you see something advertised as a Cafe Jaxx lunch on the chalk boards, it is all cooked from scratch using fresh ingredients. The down side to this is that these ingredients have a lead time. For example, we order our meat on Wednesday for the following Monday's lunch so, when demand exceeds what we have prepared, we are unable to rustle up an alternative.
Although we have only one week's snapshot of demand, it appears we have got it about right on Monday and Tuesday but we need to increase our Wednesday Pie Day provision, which I will do for next week. If you missed out on the chicken and leek pie on Wednesday this week, please be aware that the chicken stew on Monday next week will be similar, without the pastry lid, so you might like to try this.
Thanks to all those who have taken the time to complete the catering survey forms. I will be analysing the responses over the next week or so and will incorporating some of the suggestions into the new menu from December. And, thankyou for your continued support of Cafe Jaxx while we tinker with the menu and numbers to meet your requirements.
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