Bowling Survey Summary

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The first of what is intended to be a series of surveys looking at key aspects of service within the club, gives us a clear picture of member opinions over a wide range of bowling activities including League Bowling, Competitions, Casual & Social Bowling and Representative Matches.


We received a total of 258 responses, and surveys completed both online and manually have been included to produce our data summary.

The key headlines from our bowling arrangements survey are as follows:



- 69% are in favour of the fixed day League format rather than reverting to mixed divisional sessions. This gives us a clear mandate to carry on with this and by coincidence, it is the most convenient way to configure the season in terms of Bowlr programming.

- Only 26% are against players being allowed to play in more than one division BUT nearly half said some restrictions should apply.

- 50% prefer bell to bell at 6.30 for Early League as the preferred format.

- 70% of respondents suggest we offer a 4 bowl pairs league as another alternative.


- Less than 8% of respondents who play in Club Competitions thought there should be more of them.

- 70% said they would like there to be some competitions run on fixed days at the weekends.

- Two thirds of those responding would like the re-spot rule in play in Club and County Competitions.

- There is a 60/40 split in favour of wearing whites for Club finals and two thirds believe finals should be free with no rink fees payable.

- 65% agree with the current £1 entry fee per player.

- An overwhelming 93.5% responded in favour of the Ladies, O60s and Club Competition finals being played together in March to avoid clashes with County and National finals in April.


- 39 people requested further information about Friendly fixtures

- 94% of those participating already considered the Friendlies as good value for money.



- Only 55% of members that participate in County Representative Matches said would like match meals to continue to be part of the matchday experience.

- 20 people would like to play in representative matches but have yet to be considered.

- 60 people said they ‘didn’t know enough’ about the Lincs League matches.

- Two thirds of those playing in Lincs League matches on a Saturday preferred a 10.30am start.


- Per area surveyed, are displayed below:

  • (Figures in brackets ignore those who voted ‘unsure’ – presumably new people?):
    • League Bowling – 88% (93%) Satisfaction
    • Competitions – 70% (90%) Satisfaction
    • Casual Bowling – 90% (97.5%) Satisfaction
    • Representative matches – 67% (95%) Satisfaction


- Overall satisfaction with bowling arrangements at LIBC scored 71%. Taking this as our ‘baseline score’ by repeating the survey every year, we can see year on year the affect of any changes we make.


- An encouraging 44% of people say they book rinks on line via the Member area. 9 people required further support with this and we will follow these up.

- 83% of respondents are familiar with how to book on line but 36 members admitted they were not and we will also follow these up.



As a result of this survey and the responses we have seen, several key decisions can be taken in the knowledge that they concur with most members’ wishes. The following changes will be recommended for implementation by the Bowling Committee as part of the Club’s action plan for 2022/23:


- We retain fixed day divisions/leagues

- Players can play in more than one division but better players be restricted from dropping too low

- Possible introduction of a 4 bowl pairs league

- Club, Ladies and Over 60s Competitions culminate with a CLUB FINALS PROGRAMME over a week during March 2023 with some afternoon and evening league sessions taking a break to accommodate finals.

- Possible introduction of the re-spot rule for Club and County Competitions

- Blank Saturday/Sunday afternoons be used for one-day Club Competitions which will ‘thin out’ the congested number of Competitions currently on play-by deadlines.

- Explore further Friendly matches for Sundays and introduce new players to this sphere.

- Play all home Lincs League fixtures at 10.30am on a Saturday.

- Follow up on all requests for further information and support from members who have provided their details.

- Repeat the survey annually to measure progress.


The summary of our Survey results can be viewed via the link below:

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