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The additional costs incurred as a result of our implementing covid safe procedures now represents a real challenge to the Company. I have recently reviewed opening hours and will consolidate fixtures to enable us to provide a league programme with space for ad hoc competitions in the most efficient and effective way. This will inevitably mean closing the club when no fixtures are likely to be played.

As from Sunday 20th September 2020 the club's opening hours will be:

MON 9.45am - 8.30pm (8.00am when Grand Prix)
TUE 9.00am - 8.30pm (8.00am when Grand Prix)
WED 9.45am - 8.30pm
THUR 9.00am - 10.30pm
FRI 9.45am - 10.30pm
SAT 6.00pm - 10.00pm ONLY
**SUN 9.00am - 1.45pm

**SUNDAYS - Lunches & possible afternoon bowling will be considered will be introduced dependent upon the Member's demand from Mid October. Once this returns the club will consider opening in the evenings for set date competitions & Nationals to be played)

The Bowling committee has decided that TWO BOWL TRIPLES will be played in the Morning Afternoon and Early Evening leagues. Matches will be 21 ends or 1 hour 45 minutes. This change will mean less bowls require removal from the head at the end of each end allowing for better social distancing among the players, and will also remove the age old debate - whether any third bowl should have the correct sticker applied.

Captains Sheets are now available and I can email Captains a copy of their team sheets upon request. THERE WILL BE NO CANCELLATION of league fixtures allowed but temporary substitution rules for this season will allow captains to borrow players from teams in the same division or below to help alleviate any fixture difficulties. The League Secretary reserves the right to move fixtures as the Club requires and will notify captains accordingly.

Most triples fixtures are timetabled through until end of Feb/ beginning of Mar 2021. A review of league bowling will take place prior to Christmas.

The Club Committee will supply a number of volunteer Covid Facilitators to attend throughout sessions of League bowling for at least the first few weeks. These Facilitators will wear a club shirt and an ID badge and will be on hand to help members returning to league bowling safely and answer any questions members may have concerning the covid procedures and distancing guidelines within the club.

A reminder that at LIBC currently:

1. The wearing of a face covering upon entering the club is MANDATORY (Persons with a disability that prevents them from wearing a mask will be issued with an 'LIBC Exemption Badge' on confirmation of registered exemption)

2. The wearing of a face covering on the bowling green is still recommended but if you feel it impedes your ability to bowl it can be removed PROVIDED THAT SOCIAL DISTANCING AT A MINIMUM OF 2 METRES IS OBSERVED.

3. If you decide to remove face coverings on the bowling green you MUST BE ON THE MAT or ON THE 'STARS' provided to meet the 2m Distancing rule.

This will be strictly enforced.

We now put our trust in you – our members to help us. We need you to take responsibility and ensure that our COVID-19 Secure Policies are followed. Failure to do so will put people - and ultimately the future of LIBC - at serious risk.



To keep you up to date, there are 3 new items in the menu area on the left of this web-page:
  • Coro Bookings - a list of the rinks and time slots that have been booked or are available to be booked. 
  • Coro Documents - more detailed information of the Back to Bowls Policy. 
  • Coro Videos - visual guides to the new club procedures. 
Key 'Back to Bowls' information is contained in the document that we distributed to members by both letter and email outlining our plan for a safe and sustainable return to indoor bowls. Click on the link below to view a copy:
PLEASE NOTE - Before booking however, it is vital that you note two key conditions that apply:
  • Face Coverings are Mandatory. This is subject to a weekly Club Status review, so if you cannot wear one for any reason, please wait until this requirement is relaxed before you return to the club. Anyone NOT wearing a mask will be refused entry.
  • You MUST AGREE to play by the rules of the club in force at that time. Full and upto date details are available at the menu item 'Coro Documents'. 

 Noticeboard extract:
Covid 19 Players Responsibilities on the Rink  
   - by Dennis Skayman


Covid 19 Players Responsibilities on the Rink
All stay safe remember the 2 meters
Golden rule on the mat or on a star

😊😊😊Home Team

😊Home lead
👉Collect mats at start of game from clean area (H or hole end of mat)
👉Responsible for placing mat every end on 4 meter tee (H or hole end of mat)
👉Return mats to cleaning station end of game

😊Home number 2
👉Check correct names on scorecard (may help with track & trace if required)
👉Fill in score card every end
👉Kick up woods
👉Place scorecard in result box (side rink 1) after game
....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
Covid-19 Steering Group 11th September 2020  
   - by Danny Brown

At their meeting this evening the group agreed the following key points for the week ahead:

The CLUB ALERT LEVEL will rise to 4B - This allows for League bowling to resume (Scheduled from Wednesday 16th)

A team of COVID FACILITATORS will be briefed and on hand from Wednesday at each League session to assist members to comply with 2m distancing and covid safe procedures on the bowling green.

As a late change of strategy it was decided that Two Bowl Triples will be played in the Morning, Afternoon and Early Evening Leagues. 21 ends wit ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
National Competitions update 28th August 2020  
   - by Dennis Skayman

Copy of update from the EIBA Indoor Website
for player information

...Click here to view all detail with pictures.

 Noticeboard extract:
Covid-19 Steering Group 4th September 2020  
   - by Danny Brown

At it's latest meeting the Group agreed the following key points which we can now communicate to the membership:

The CLUB ALERT LEVEL will remain at 4a

Our aim is for the return to Winter Leagues w/c 14th September. Look out for Captains Sheets which will be available from Tuesday next week (8th Sept)

At their meeting on 8th Sept, the Club Management Committee will discuss in depth measures to ensure members conform to the new rules. Further communication will follow.

Planning for managed access to member's lockers will be included in the League programme. Staggered start times for ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
DEMONSTRATION SESSIONS - 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th SEPT  
   - by Danny Brown

Ahead of the return of League bowling we ideally want everyone aware of their 'new surroundings' and how to behave in the club and on the rinks.

We have set up four DEMONSTRATION SESSIONS - two during the day and two in the evening to enable anyone who may not yet have booked a roll up to see how it's done.

We have six ladies in action in a Demonstration triples game from 2.30pm on Thursday 3rd September.
The ladies will be Demonstrating again at 12.00 Noon on Friday 4th September.

Anyone who wishes to attend these sessions is welcome to come along. It would help us if you could call ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

 Noticeboard extract:
Covid-19 Steering Group 28th August 2020  
   - by Danny Brown

Following the latest meeting the following will apply from Tuesday 1st September:

The Club Alert Level will rise to 4a - This allows competitive play to be booked.

Last season's Club Competitions will be played to finals commencing on Wednesday 2nd September.

Jacks will be cast in Singles play (with one jack per player) but 'set' at a length of the appropriate team's choice in other disciplines.

STARS have been set in place on all rinks to ensure distanced play (2m). Players need to get into the habit of ALWAYS standing on these STARS when not on the mat or directing a player at th ....... ....... .......

...Click here to read the entire article.

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